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Real Money Gaming

All Game types can be used to directly drive revenue as part of the real money gaming solution. BOA’s game types all contribute a healthy margin of 10% to 20%, to help you stabilize your margins. (See details of available Game Types in the section below)

Free to Play

The BOA Jackpot game in a free to play not requiring a stake can be utilized, to introduce and direct customers to a real money solution and can be utilized to reward customers through a unique and fun gaming experience increasing retention rates & also deployed to reactivate a dormant customer base. The configuration of rewards can be tailored to effectively drive users back to your revenue generating offer. In combination the mirrored RMG & FTP solutions, support the CustomerLifecycle and potentially increase it through an engaging approach.


A subscription solution where users buy a time based subscription entitling them to a fixed number of plays to win a variety of prizes, including multiple daily opportunites at a top prize of up to €100k. Subscriptions range from 1 week to 1 year! This solution provides a user experience which is similar to the Free to Play solution as no stakes are placed per game play. The Subscription based model allows a different way of monetizing your customer base and a model that potentially extends your users CLTV further.

Game Types

BOA Jackpot

A progressive jackpot game that allows users to make 10 selections. As they accumulate points for correct selections their winnings increase with the jackpot as the ultimate prize.


This point based system allows users to accumulate points for correctly picking 4 to 10 selections. The amount of selections picked is up to the user. The more selections the user picks the bigger the potential win, and as the users points increase so do the winnings.

Match Predict

Users are challenged to pick the correct score at different stages of the match, ultimately building the final score! For every correct score prediction the user wins points leading to a payout.

BOA Lotto

A 10 pick lotto focused on sports events! If a user scores 700 points and correctly selects the wild card they can win up to €10 million!

BOA Bets

Betting propositions for users that truly reflect the action. All propositions are initiated by what is happening in the game, focusing on the athletes and their strengths.



Unparalleled in-game sportsbook experience bringing players closer to the action than you ever believed imaginable.


New product offering possibilities from automated real-time odds and bet creation based on Opta and Runniing Ball data feeds.


Back office analytics and trading platform optimising targeting


Unique player and action based pricing algorithms

Risk Management

Fully managed trading services


Highly automated solution requiring limited trading effort


Extended coverage across all tier one competitions

Technology Stack

Microsoft Azure

Worldwide datacenters across 42 regions.

Ability to Scale on Demand and allowing Hybrid Capability.

Dotnet Core

Platform Independent.

Modern language features.

Open Source.

Microsoft MS SQL

In-database advanced analytics.

Proven reliability, security and manageability.

State of the art BI Tooling.

Behind the price

Opta Logo

World's leading sport data supplier with high definition live data

Thynk Gaming Metrics

Fastest and most extensive real-time sports data service

Swish Analytics

Most Comprehensive US sports data supplier

Seamless integration to your Platform



Localised microsite customised to seamlessly fit into existing site



Secure RESTful API

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